BIO-SURE Active cooling systems


BIO-SURE is a range of products that can carry valuables in the temperature range of -30⁰C to +30⁰C even at ambient temperature of 50⁰C. Systems are designed that can maintain required environment conditions for upto 140 hours. Units are provided with customized stands that can safely carry the biological or medical valuable items. With a range of active and passive units using vapor compression, thermoelectrics and PCM (Phase Change Materials) technologies. Systems are particularly useful where dry-ice is unavailable and temperatures are required in the range of -20 0C for logistics.


Battery less operations

Lot Data Logging

Low maintenance

On-site warranty

Interactive control panel

Temperature backup upto 100 hours

A range of high precision products with a hybrid technology designed with Thermoelectrics and Phase Change Materials (PCMs) that can provide reliable temperature at extreme and hazardous conditions where usual compressor based technology fails to deliver better..

BIO-SURE Active Cooling systems enables you to remotely monitor and control the environment of the deliverables. It maintains temperatures from -40˚C to +80˚C with live monitoring that maintains temperature as long as you want. If you set it to maintain 5 ˚C , your valuables will be at 5 ˚C (+/- 0.5˚C) even at ambient temperature of +50˚C or -50˚C. Now, maintain a hassle-free cooling as long as possible.

Research Labs

Diagnostic Centres

IVF Centre

Medical supplies

Frozen Food supply




Water proof

Easy To Use

Temperature Indicator

Light Weight


Lowest temperature: -40 Degree Celcius

Customized stands for vacutainers, micro-pipettes , test tubes, petri dishes, plates, etc.

Battery powered and on-line system

Biopharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Life Saving Drugs, Biological origin tissue transport

Sample collection for bio-labs, diagnostics and R&D labs

Cold chain transport of blood, organs, vaccines, medicines and specimens.

Emergency storage of the above in the event of power failure & disasters.

Cold storage of the above for the remote areas with little or no infrastructure.

Military operations requiring the rapid development and transportation of temperature sensitive products.

Disaster relief operations, Public healthcare programs and organisational programs that require transportation and local storage of temperature sensitive materials.

Beverages: Storage & Transport of commercial & high value beverages.

Cut Fruits & Vegetables: Storage, transport and display of high value cut fruits & vegetables.

Ice-Creams, Sea Food & frozen foods: for storage and transportation and constant temperature for highly temperature sensitive perishable frozen items.

Dairy: for storage and transportation (FoW) for milk & dairy products from collection point to processing centres & processing centre to market.

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