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Re-defining Affordable cold chain solutions
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Ensuring Food security & health with sustainable cold chain
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Empowering women in Agriculture
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Securing viability of temperature sensitive biological samples
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what we do ?

MachPhyTM aims to bring the state-of-the-art cold chain solutions to your operational spaces (labs, research centres, production centres, etc.) at an affordable rate.

MachPhyTM pioneers in providing its clients simple yet innovative solutions that make a difference. With great proficiency in Thermoelectric Cooling, Vapor Compression and PCM technologies we pursue the path of customer satisfaction and best of class quality, building an ecosystem that is focused to enhance customer relationships.


We provide end to end cold chain solutions that are reliable and affordable for various different sizes and requirements. Our products can provide temperatures from -60 degrees to +25 degrees. Our passive, active & hybrid cooling systems cater to a wide range of requirements in India.

Realtime Monitoring

Precise Temperature control

Simplified Designs

High performance systems



A passive cooling technology using Phase Change Materials. Wide range of products from -65 to +25 degrees temperature with portable designs suitable for last mile cold chain


Compressor-less cooling technology based on semiconductors that produce silent & precise temperature control.


Hybrid cooling system where you power the device for few hours and after plug-out it maintains desired temperature for upto 24 hours


Solar & Biogas powered cold chain solutions with optimized designs for remote location cold chains.

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