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5G Compliant IoT Device & Platform

Our 5G Compliant IoT Device & Platform features support for multiple antennas and a multi-core processor. The efficient power management is the main focus of our 5G systems, designed to extend battery life and be compatible with most devices. This platform allows our customers to build IoT products quickly and easily using their existing infrastructure.”

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is rising as the number of connected devices is set to increase from 700 million to

3.2 billion

by 2023. While there are a number of factors contributing to this rise, one of the most important will be the development of 5G networks.

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Cloud-based temperature logger measures quality of perishable products.

Machphy temperature logger is an essential part of cold chain logistics that is easy to set up and affordable. It provides detailed documentation of the cold chain process and can be easily integrated with any information system. The logger helps to track and record temperature details of perishable products as they are transported, such as vaccines, blood, food and other temperature-sensitive goods. The healthcare, food, and other industries can use the Machphy temperature data logger to monitor environmental conditions for asset protection. The logger continuously monitors temperature during storage and transportation and shares the live location of products during transit, increasing transparency and accountability in the supply chain.

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Features and Benefits

Why Should You Consider Machphy Temperature Logger?

Temperature Sensing

Machphy's temperature-monitoring system provides end-to-end assurance of quality for perishable commodities and helps companies find breaks in the cold chain.

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Real-time Alerts

Our device sends breach alerts via SMS or E-mail whenever the temperature of the product crosses above or below a certain threshold.

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Cloud Computed

The device continuously sends data to the cloud, providing centralized control and management of the cold chain.

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End-to-End Monitoring

Our software saves the complete report of a product's journey throughout its cold chain, so there is better visibility and quality assurance.

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Track Location

Our device sends continuous information about its location to the computer. This way, we can be sure that products are delivered to their proper destinations.

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API Sharing

It is possible, through a secured API sharing method, to integrate our software with other information systems used in public health.

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