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Looking for the latest insights and news on cold-chain solutions and healthcare technology? Look no further than the MachPhy™ Blog! Our blog covers a wide range of topics, from the latest industry trends to product updates and customer success stories. Stay informed on the latest developments in biomedical research, biopharmaceuticals, and temperature control, with IoT-enabled traceability. Subscribe to our blog today and stay up-to-date on all the latest healthcare news and cold-chain insights.

PCM vs Ice Packs in Cold Shipment
Discover how PCM gel packs are transforming cold chain logistics with their ability to maintain stable temperatures. Explore the advantages, types, and applications of PCM gel packs, and learn why they outperform other solutions in terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability.
Read now • 12 min read
Gel Packs vs Dry Ice
Discover the differences between gel packs and dry ice for shipping temperature-sensitive products. Explore their cost, performance, safety, and environmental impact. Get valuable insights and recommendations for choosing the right cooling method. Plus, learn about alternative uses beyond shipping.
Read now • 12 min read
PCM vs Ice Packs in Cold Shipment
Discover the superiority of phase change materials (PCMs) over ice packs in cold shipments. Explore the benefits revealed in Skippi’s experiment, ensuring product integrity during transportation. Enhance your cold shipments with PCMs today!
Read now • 12 min read

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