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370L Vertical Hybrid Refrigerators +2 To 8 °C



About this product

Innovative Hybrid freezer with backup upto 24 hours for everyday lab use. Provides efficient and uniform temperature distribution for sample storage. Suitable for sample, reagents, biological specimens, DNA/RNA etc.

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Type Vertical Freezer
Model Number MSVF370L12P/24P
Capacity 370
Backup (Hrs) 12 or 24
Specifications SS 304 Inner Cabinet Yes
PPGI Outer Body Yes
Castor Wheels Yes
Temperature Display Yes
Microprocessor Controller Yes
Touch Based HMI Optional
Data Logger (IoT/USB) Optional
Inbuilt Stabilizer
Thermal PCM Backup (12/24 Hrs) Yes
Cooling Technology Vapour Compression
Refrigerant R-134a
Operating Temperature 2 to 48 °C
Internal Air Ventilation Only with Vertical Models
CO2 Backup 
Electronic Temperature Threshold Alarm Yes
Compressor Alarm
System Alarm
Internal Light Only with Vertical Models
Battery Backup for Display Yes
Accessories & Warranties Vial Holders
Internal Racks Only with Vertical Models
Internal Drawers
1 Year Complete Warranty Yes
3 Year Complete Warranty Yes
Power Power Type AC
Power Input 200-250V AC, 50Hz
Solar Power  Optional

Belief & Technology

At MachPhy™ we believe in providing cold-chain solutions with state-of-the-art technology for efficiency and the best user experience. We innovate, develop & customise products while delivering the best value to the customers. We have launched a range of products to plug the gap between cold chain storage and maintaining the longevity of samples. Our products are in compliance with industry standards and environmental quality norms.

MachPhy™ ensures maintaining a consistent temperature at an affordable price, reliable and speedy handling of biologics and biopharma products. With low power consumption, backup with added security and traceability using IoT throughout, the customers can avail of hassle-free cooling solutions.

Our products cater to a wide range of biomedical healthcare needs from ambient temperature refrigeration and deep freezing to cryogenic freezing. We also provide portable refrigerators & freezers. We believe in making cold chain leaner so we can collectively move forward with the target of a healthy nation with a better and more affordable standard of healthcare.

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