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Biosure 2 Liters Temperature Controlled Bags for Refrigeration



About this product

Biosure Refrigerated Bags are super portable passive cooling devices which provide an ideal environment for the transport of temperature-sensitive goods. Medical usage of these portable bags is inclusive of transporting blood samples, insulin, organs, etc in a monitored and regulated manner. 

Other applications pivoted to include mundane usages are for perishable food like Milk, eggs, Fruits, vegetables, etc which are temperature sensitive and need an increased shelf life as well. We provide optional features of Data logging, GPS tracking and Threshold alarms which alert you of the permissible limit of load. These features can be easily integrated with an existing platform for remote monitoring and controlling the environment of the deliverables at fixed point temperatures.

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External Dimensions 250 X 250 X 250 mm Payload Dimensions 180 X 180 X 180 mm
Volume 2 Liter Sensor PT-100
Cold Life 10 -12 Hours Range Short Range
Energy Storage Technology Phase Change Materials (PCM) Lid Type Non-Removable
Insulation Extended Poly Ethylene (EPE) – CFC Free, 25-75 mm Carry Type Shoulder Strap
Outer Surface Material Dobby Fabric, PU Coated, 1000D, Water Resistant Ambient Temperature & Humidity Range -10 To +48 °C
Inner Surface Material Dobby Fabric, PU Coated, 230D Internal Cabinet Temperature -25 To -20 °C
Cassettes With PCM 400 ml, WHO-PQS Specifications Charging Time 8 To 10 Hours
Temperature Display LCD Initial Cool Down Time 15 Minutes


PCM (Phase Change Materials)

We use a wide range of Phase Change Materials to provide the thermal energy storage which sustains the cooling effect, thus allowing us a distinct advantage over our peers in providing affordable battery-less cold storage technology to our customers.

The higher number of cycles that the PCMs can work on, provides longer life cycle for the cold storage. The PCMs thermal storage provide upto 3000 cycles on an average, which corresponds to 3000 days (more than 8 years) considering one cycle discharge per day. This lowers down the average running expenses considerably when compared to chemical battery based cold storage which need battery replacement every 5 to 8 years. The adjoining picture depicts how the PCMs are used in the cold storage. The PCM technology enables us provide temperature autonomy of upto 120 hours at different temperatures.

loT (Internet of Things)

We use the power of loT (Internet of Things) based digital platform to share live data on location & physical parameters for optimal operational efficiencies.

Phase Change Materials PCM 1

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